2019 Volvo S60 User Guide PDF Download

2019 Volvo S60 User Guide PDF Download

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2019 Volvo S60 User Guide PDF Download – The first thing you need to know about the new sedan 2019 Volvo S60, or your cart V60 and XC60 cross counterparts, is that these models “60 cluster” get basically the same models S90 / V90 / larger Volvo XC90. ” . Nearly all the comforts of the emblematic models, and even their motives of style, have opened road in Series 60 cars. The Volvos of medium size even share the three engines of the larger models: a four-liter in-line turbocharged four-cylinder in the T5, a four-liter four-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged the T6 and T6 engine plug hybrid Hardware in the T8. The S60 also offers a T8 Polestar Engineered model with even more power. (The T5 is available only with front-wheel drive, while all other models come with all-wheel drive). The interiors of the smaller cars may have fewer square inches of wood or metal decorative inlays, and cubicles and the various elements are rendered to adapt to space, but in general, the most significant difference between the 60 and 90 is its size.

2019 Volvo S60 User Guide PDF Download

This should be good news for anyone who might have hoped that the Cross Country 2019 S60 and V60, XC60, V60 is strip or descontente significantly in proportion to their prices lower, as is often the case in the automotive industry. However, at Volvo, particularly since his transition from ownership of Ford to Geely in China, from the point of view of the characteristics, the effect of drip looks more like a waterfall, since even the subcompact SUV XC40 offers almost all the benefits of l Series 90 in at least as options and quite often standard.

But despite sharing many parts and be built on the same architecture of scalable product (SPA), the 1960s are not simply one smaller share of the same Meatball. After driving the XC60, the V60 and sedan S60, which is the first Volvo manufactured in the United States, assembled in the new Assembly of Ridgeville, South Carolina, plant is now clear that there are differences of character that enthusiasts must accept. .

Levels of finish S60 higher specifications we tested in Santa Mónica, California, not only share the attributes of the larger Volvos luxury, but rather the more compact dimensions of the smallest sedan approach much more occupants to the rich materials and well finished components. Of course, the space itself is a luxury, but grouping the same services that are a large one smaller drive creates a more intense experience.

Optional Volvo Comfort or Contour seats, the three-spoke steering wheel, infotainment Sensus system type tablet, the Group of 12.3 digital gauges available inch and faceted metal knobs a bit more fill the cabin of the S60 a bit more than their larger brethren. A band of metal that protrudes from the dashboard looks like that he keeps the components above at the same time providing a point intelligent in that nest is the accent, which varies depending on whether one has called for the Momentum basis, high enrollment level, R design sport or the rare T8 Polestar Engineered, the latter of which presents an interior treatment blackened with orange safety belts.

All the cars we tested included top-level Contour seats that we have experienced before in the 90 series models. When they are covered in full leather, individual pads are so strong that one can bounce a quarter of them; However, the longer you sit in them, most appreciate the bright that are. R-Design models, the seats have a mixture of leather and fabric, as not only looks good but it also makes the pad a little less firm. Now, if only Volvo could correct errors that still mark the interface of Sensus, still feels slow to respond to the inputs and, sometimes, confronts the logic.

On the outside, like familiar with the big Volvos is clear, although the proportions of the S60 and the lower position give it slightly more than attitude. Seen on the road, the S60 transmits more sporty than the S90’s formal appearance: the front seems longer, lower roof line and the optional 19-inch wheels are proportionately larger. The tumblehome of the roof when it falls to the rear wheel arches is particularly dramatic, especially as defined by a pinch of good taste in the bodywork along the rear shoulders and tail light graphics more angular.

Not in vain, none felt slow. The T6 accelerated quickly, although a weak supercargador seemed more audible here that in the larger Volvo models. Volvo estimates that the T6 AWD can reach 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, but we would say that it is more likely that approaching 5.0 seconds. Electric assistance available T8 Polestar Engineered instantly made that the turbo is delayed and pushed us back to those sublime seats with true strength. Volvo estimates that the Polestar Engineered car can reach 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the standard T8. Volvo says Polestar software updates to improve fuel economy and refine the behavior of the eight-speed automatic transmission.

The biggest surprise was the ability of the S60 to build a clean and fast line along the roads in the Santa Monica mountains north of Malibu, as well as asphalt faster but still challenging through to Ojai Topatopa mountains. Our sample T6 R-Design was equipped with wheels 19-inch and optional summer tire, as well as the choice of $200 sports chassis, which offers shock absorbers realigned and a fall of approximately a half-inch in the ride height, so it is likely that represents the high water level. Mark between not S60 Polestar. The address showed a precise turn and precise response, automobile curves helped by torsion brake-based and AWD system capacity to send up to half of the engine torque to the rear axle. The grip levels were notably high, with a slight understeer that only appreciated a couple of curves when we were really hurry.

We regret that Volvo has not brought any S60 to a base price of $36,795 for its 250 hp version Momentum T5 FWD, but if it is similar to the T5 XC60 we tested with which shares a drivetrain, it should be quite livable, except for a considerable turbo lag. G6ier T6 AWD starts at $41,295, and the plug-in hybrid AWD T8 opens to $55,395, although the latter omits the basic Momentum trim level, offering only the set of R-Design or, for a great price, the sumptuous registration.

If only for its considerable sense of mass, but also by the inescapable feeling that many computers are helping to execute our commands, we are not sure that S60 we handle pose a great threat to Audi S4 or the Mercedes – AMG C43, at least from the point of view of the driving. But enjoy the driving is just one aspect of what attracts customers to sedans like this one. In many other aspects, convenience, comfort and style, to name a few, the S60 is now a formidable competitor in a way that wasn’t it before.

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