2019 Ford Ranger User Guide PDF Download

2019 Ford Ranger User Guide PDF Download

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2019 Ford Ranger User Guide PDF Download – The full-size Ford F-150 pickup truck is the best-selling vehicle in the United States, but when it comes to smaller trucks, Ford is behind the curve. When Ford withdrew its U.S. Ranger. In 2011, the segment of medium-sized trucks was more or less dead. It was filled with old vehicles that buyers did not seem to matter. But in recent years, new versions of Chevrolet Colorado (and its double GMC Canyon), Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma have revitalized the segment. The old Nissan Frontier also remains stubbornly, and Jeep launch its highly anticipated Gladiator in the year 2019 calendar.

2019 Ford Ranger User Guide PDF Download

Then, for the year 2019 model, the Ford Ranger is back. Buyers can choose between two configurations of body: SuperCab with a bed of 6.0 feet and SuperCrew with a bed of 5.0 feet, and three trim levels: XL, XLT and Lariat. XL SuperCab with rear-wheel drive in base starts at $25,395, while the Lariat SuperCrew with all-wheel drive on all four wheels exceeds the $45,000. Dealers are taking orders now, but deliveries will not begin until January.

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Even when Ford stopped selling the Ranger in the United States, he continued using the name of the trucks sold internationally. The 2019 Ranger is based on the current version of the global market, but Ford says that it was heavily redesigned for North America.

“Este [truck] is based on the global Ranger platform, however, is designed exclusively for the market norteamericano”, said Brian Bell, marketing manager for Ranger. The main changes include a new frame and suspension settings, and a specific Powertrain for the North American market. The exterior styling has also changed a bit.

Ford and other car manufacturers are taking bold style decisions with their larger trucks, but that does not seem to be coming to the mid-size models. Ranger fairly conservative looks, but also by most of the other trucks with which it competes.2019 Ford Ranger User Guide PDF Download

At least the Ranger design is functional. Unlike the Toyota Tacoma, bonnet tilts down and the front overhang is very short, which provides good visibility to the outside, either on road or simply navigating to a parking lot. In contrast to the Chevrolet Colorado, the front fascia also hangs much, so it is less likely to body trapped in obstacles.

The interior is as simple as the outside, and is not exactly the last word in sophistication. Even the version first-line Lariat seems rental low, despite its leather upholstery. But this is a truck, after all. If you want luxury, buy a sedan.

The Ranger is available with a four-door SuperCrew or cabin a SuperCab, with half rear doors and narrow rear seats that are only suitable for short trips. As with many other trucks, four-door cabin is only available with a shorter collection box, so buyers have to choose between the cabin space and the space of the bed. Ford will also offer a traditional non rear-seat cabin. The interior space is roughly the average among mid-size trucks today, although the Honda Ridgeline offers a substantially higher passenger volume. That’s because the Ridgeline is essentially a Honda Pilot crossover with a pickup truck.

Boxes of 5.0 feet and 6.0 feet fit 43.3 cubic feet and 51.8 cubic feet of things, respectively, according to Ford. Both boxes measuring 44.8 inches wide in the rectrices, with a maximum width of 61.4 inches. Those numbers are comparable to those of Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Frontier, and well ahead of the Honda Ridgeline.


Make that a four-cylinder engine is the only option seems a risky move, considering that the competing trucks offer larger V6 engines. But it is in line with the strategy of Ford to use smaller turbo engines to achieve better fuel economy without sacrificing power. It is also part of the reason why Ford chose a V6 twin-turbocharged for its GT supercar, instead of a more exotic engine. But, how worked that plan in the Ranger?

Quite well, actually the Ranger engine has less power than V6 engines offered in the Toyota Tacoma (278 hp) and Chevrolet Colorado (308 hp), but Ford offers more torque. The Tacoma and only Colorado produce 265 lb-ft and 275 lb-ft, respectively. However, Chevy also offers a diesel version of the Colorado with less power (186 hp) four-cylinder but substantially more torque (369 lb-ft) to the Ford (the same specifications apply to the Chevy GMC Canyon twin). It offers a variety of Powertrain options, the only Ranger is available with one. An engine – turbocharged four-cylinder, 2.3 liter producing 270 horsepower and 310 lb / ft of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels or the four through a 10 speed automatic transmission shared with the larger F-150 truck.

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