2019 BMW S1000RR User Manual PDF Download

2019 BMW S1000RR User Manual PDF Download

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2019 BMW S1000RR User Manual PDF Download – BMW says that they had three objectives when they set out to design the new S1000RR: a second faster on the track, 10 kg lighter and easier to control. Even with a quick look at the spec sheet, it is obvious that they have shattered those objectives. If you thought that the old bike was fast, think again.

2019 BMW S1000RR User Manual PDF Download

Like all latest mind-boggling liter bike, the equation begins with engine. 2019, BMW has designed a completely new power station, which now generates 203.8bhp at 13,500 rpm and 83.3 feet per minute at 11,000 rpm. They’ve also added ShiftCam to technology as we have seen in the new GS, that alters the timing and valve lift. The result of this is at least 73 lb of torque available between 14,500 rpm and 5500 rpm, which, according to BMW, makes it much easier to drive. Even with all of these additions and a friendly Euro 4 exhaust, both together save 5.3 kg in the outgoing model. Of course, the engine is just the beginning.

To go with the new engine is a new picture, which BMW has dubbed the FlexFrame. It is thinner and transfers much more load capacity to the engine, which provides a more comfortable driving position and at the same time saves 1.3 kg over the previous model. The suspension also has been redesigned completely, including (don’t laugh) kinematics Full Floater Pro on the back, as well as the option of electronic suspension with dynamic damping control. This is not the last word in electronics nor.2019 BMW S1000RR User Manual PDF Download

As standard, the new model has four modes of driving (rain, road, dynamic and career) but there will also be ‘Pro mode’ option, which allows owners to modify characteristics of the accelerator response and the interventions of Security. The S1000RR also comes with a new group of 6-axis sensors that allows, for the first time, an adjustable wheel and ABS control in curves. Also it gets per day with the rest of the range of BMW and adds a Board TFT full color 6.5 “con different screens for use on road and track. BMW has not published any price, but with an attitude “hacia the edge” to the list of options, don’t expect much change from £20,000. “

2019 BMW S1000RR Blast from the past

When BMW introduced the S1000RR in 2009, it took the world by storm. Return to the sport bikes was not only a great change for a brand that focused on luxury tourists, but also shook the market of sport bikes. Even 10 years ago, the powerful RR had 190 horsepower at the rear wheel, and with an incredible adjustable electronic, shamed the rest of litre bikes. The competition took years to catch on.

2019 BMW S1000RR All options

BMW is famous for its list of options and the S1000RR is no exception. Three different performance packages (package M, dynamic package and package Race) there are more accessories 31 “M”, seven luggage options, seven comfort and eight security options. If it goes mad, and choose all the parts M, successfully will lighten the bike in 3.5 kg and your wallet in much more.

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