2019 Audi A6 User Manual PDF Download

2019 Audi A6 User Manual PDF Download

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2019 Audi A6 User Manual PDF Download – All cutting-edge technologies from Audi, new headlamps, laser with zoom, the virtual cockpit of high-resolution and even its exclusive Quattro four wheel drive system is the device antigravity which is surely the most striking achievement of the company.

2019 Audi A6 User Manual PDF Download

Do not ever heard of that? Perhaps have heard astonishing series of increases in sales of Audi during his amazing recovery in the market of the United States. Probably the most surprising component of these continuous increases resistance of the brand to the gravitational forces of the market. The midsize A6 luxury sedan proves it better, accelerating sales even when clients turn increasingly to the SUV crossover.

Audi is debuting with the eighth generation A6 for 2019, giving midsize premium car buyers a machine with majestic visual presence provided by the vessel type logo sedan a higher class, but with a starting price affordable $58,900.

There is a good reason why the new A6 has more presence on the sidewalk: is bigger. 2019 A6 offers more space for the head and shoulders for the occupants of the seats front and rear, a useful feature when it is noteworthy among the SUV crossover.

A puzzling decision on style formal and focused on the prestige of the A6 is the inclusion of false dual ducts in the rear bumper fascia, where the exhaust pipes are normally outstanding. The A6 turn right the tips of exhausted to the ground when they arrive at the bumper, so they are almost invisible. Instead, brushed nickel bezels surrounding the dark centers represent… would exhaust tips? Frankly, everything is a little confusing, and decidedly sticky. If the decision was to save money by skipping the exhaust outlets doubles, then simply hide the exhaust tips instead of adding no outputs false to the lower rear bumper cover.

The standard 19-inch wheels fill the wheel wells very well and give the A6 a useful stance, while the optional 20 and 21-inch wheels add a little glitter. However, Bling is notably absent in the Department of painting, where the A6 offers a variety of mostly monochromatic tones. My co-pilot thought that our Firmament Blue car was black until I mentioned it, the green tone is equally subtle.2019 Audi A6 User Manual PDF Download

For 2019, the standard engine is a V6 V3 335 horsepower creamy, turbocharged, with 369 lb / ft of torque, which represents an improvement of 44 lb – ft on the car of last year. An automatic transmission seven-speed dual-clutch that feels as soft as a traditional automatic with a torque converter, drives all four wheels. The V6 features a design of “vee caliente”, in which the air flows from the external intake manifolds to a central exhaust in the Valley of the engine, where lives the twin-scroll turbocharger. 2018 car used a belt supercargador to increase their power, but the exhaust turbos are more efficient.

The engine has a compression ratio of 11.2: 1 and is smart enough to vary the lift of valve opening according to throttle position and engine speed to optimize combustion. A more expensive four-cylinder engine will come later, according to the company.

Bringing This art to the electrified future combustion engine is an electric 48 volt system that can feed many of the electrical systems of the A6, including automatic stop system / boot. Interestingly, cold starts even used a conventional Starter due to the high power required in cold temperatures. The system stop-start is an important improvement over previous Audi models: finally feels worthy of a European luxury sedan.

The new powertrain obtained figures for fuel economy EPA 22 mpg city and 29 mpg on the highway, with a combined score of 25 MPG; overcoming the old supercharged V6 engine city and 2 MPG combined fuel economy figures. Highway fuel economy, however, remains stable.

This advanced powertrain conforms to a chassis that is stiffer torsionally than before, with a mixture of aluminum and high-strength steel. The suspension supports conventional helical steel springs with Adaptive shock absorbers that do an excellent job controlling the movements of the body through paths of curved cannons, like which they sampled in the canyons that surround the Napa Valley.

The available Sport suspension reduces the ride height of the car in 20 mm for a lower center of gravity and faster reflexes. Audi employs a progressive frame of direction on the A6, so the address is slower than in the Centre and becomes faster as you turn the rudder.

Car manufacturers this technology, and maybe love its customers also. However, I think that the relationship of change of the A6 confused into adjusted shifts, since the Steering response is never exactly what I hope at the time. This is especially to lower speeds and while turn more sharply.

Computers of the A6 will also help you drive, although the adaptive cruise control system is described as a “práctico system”, which requires an entry in the address of the driver while driving Accelerator and brake automatically to ” keep a following distance suited to vehicles that are ahead. The system runs between 0 and 95 mph.

A6 does not handle automatically, but the assistance to keep the lane makes the car back toward the center of the lane. Unfortunately, on motorways to the North of San Francisco, this is largely annoying, already to the reality of change lanes in construction zones, reverse travel lanes in rush hours, accidents and signs of worn roads by the climate make the direction of Audi “ayude” more to the problems of what is. ” value. Once in Napa two-lane highways, on the other hand, System fades into the background.

Other safety technologies include Audi Pre Sense City, which operates at speeds of up to 52 mph to track vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the A6 road. If there is danger of collision, you can slow down automatically to avoid a clash. Similarly, if you turn left in the traffic route that approximates, A6 computer can override that decision by applying the brakes to keep the A6 in your lane. For urban areas heavy bike, the departure of the vehicle warning lights red LED light door light and delayed the opening of the door in a second when it detects objects approaching from behind.

“Audi”in latin means “escuchar”, so it fits in with the tradition of the brand offer audio options in first class who continue the 2019 A6. There are two sound systems brand Bang & Olufsen available, with the sound system advanced B & O 3D first line that incorporates 19 speakers that reproduce through 19 channels separated from a 1,820-Watt amplifier. Naturally, provides the kind of superlative audio to which we are accustomed, Bang and Olufsen and Audi, so the audifilos of audiophiles should be satisfied.

Other Audi brand, however, is gone. Designers replaced the Rotary driver MMI Infotainment with a pair of touch screens in the center of the Board. The top screen is the screen family for navigation and stereo functions, while the lower screen running HVAC systems. Just as in the A8, touch screen solution is an improvement over the previous control button, especially the earlier projected the wrong direction with the counterintuitive zoom.

The top screen is a massive unit of 10.1 inches (8.8 inches in the Premium model base), while the lower screen covers 8.6 inches. Drivers can write commands on the lower screen with your finger, write them with a virtual keyboard on screen or give them voice.

The A6 also uses the second generation of the excellent virtual cockpit of Audi, a screen of 12.3 inches in front of the driver that serves as instrument panel and navigation display. In addition, the drop-down screen transmits critical information such as the speed of the vehicle, the speed limit and the next turns.

The A6 is a class below the ship logo A8, its price rises to levels considered territory logo not long ago. 2019 A6 3.0T Quattro starts at $58,900, not counting the $995 destination charge. The price of the sticker of our test car was $77,290, including destination: $8,200 for ornaments Prestige package and all its variety of technology, $3,200 for contoured seats and $2,750 for driver assistance package.

This A6 is an impressive achievement that seems certain to continue with sales of Audi that defy gravity in 2019, even if the car itself can not levitate.

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